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11:33 am - Wed, June 22 2016
Mary Lohr said:
I love how historians have placed signs indicating where the different homes were located, including the surnames of the owners. My husband's grandfather Jacob Lohr owned a blacksmith shop in Esmond in the 1930s and may have sold it to Irene Aughenbaugh's father Asa Heabirland if this sign is correct and in successive ownership listing.
01:52 pm - Wed, June 22 2016
Alberta Walls Moore said:
Lee Walls, 93, was born and raised in/by Esmond. He resides in his own home just 7 miles north of town. At this time he plans to attend--just like every other year. Many of his relatives attend as well.
04:33 pm - Wed, June 22 2016
Violet wicks said:
Congratulations Esmond on your Homecoming Celebration. Sorry I won't be able to be there. Hope you have a big crowd. God Bless you all.
07:05 pm - Wed, June 22 2016
Ed said:
A lot of water under the bridge since I started school there in 1942.
07:02 am - Fri, June 24 2016
Jim Aughenbaugh said:
The Aughenbaughs from Nebraska will be there! I am the grandson of Hiland and Irene.
05:10 pm - Sat, June 25 2016
Julie waldner said:
I am the artist , it is an honor to be there

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