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02:09 pm - Fri, February 22 2013
David Moshier said:
I was born in the 1940's and have watched a lot of small farms get abandoned and incorporated into larger and larger farms. Most of these abandoned farms sites are destroyed so the land can be farmed. Sad to see the small farmer of which many were related to homesteader families disappearing from SD but that is the way of the future.
11:36 am - Tue, March 5 2013
Gregg Arnold said:
Last July we visited our friends at the Erk Ranch, near Castle Rock. Paul told me about the old house near the highway, called it the old Cram place. Beautiful setting, just wish I could hear all of the stories from that land.
The Erks were celebrating the 100th anniv of the ranch, and we meet some of the best people on the planet. Just wish I could figure out a way to get out of South Carolina..... and settle in SD.
03:01 pm - Thu, September 26 2013
geraldine sheeler gaskins said:
My first cousins have a farm in Vale. Jim Sheeler, who is now deceased, and his son Jimmy ran the farm. They grew corn, alfalfa, and wintered cattle. This could possibly be one of their barns.
11:37 am - Tue, January 21 2014
Marcia Perrine said:
Love Kim Taylor's eye for beauty. She captures the history and personality of inanimate objects like no other photographer I know! You have a prize in your community! We miss her in Astoria!
05:55 am - Wed, January 22 2014
Kim Taylor said:
Thank you South Dakota Magazine, and everyone else for your kind and interesting comments!

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