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Robin Reinhold took the photo of her son, Caleb, digging a cow out of a snowdrift after an October blizzard devastated West River.


Return of the Ghost Shirts: Sacred garments from the Ghost Dance era return to the Cheyenne River Reservation.

Sioux Falls in White: Greg Latza captures winter beauty in South Dakota's big city.

Black Hills Skiing: The Bald Mountain Ski Club helped build Black Hills winter culture.

The Party Begins: South Dakota's 125th birthday bash kicks off in Yankton.

The Cattleman's Blizzard: West River ranchers find hope  amidst the devastation caused by Winter Storm Atlas.

Reading Peoples' Faces: World Series of Poker winner Michael Moore of Agar finds similarities between poker and painting.

2014 Guide to Higher Education: Creating campus leaders at South Dakota colleges, universities and technical schools.


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