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Dream of that new front porch over a breakfast of scrambled eggs with pesto and white beans.

Dreaming Over Eggs

August 21, 2014
This fluffy but hearty breakfast fuels all the day’s aspirations.

Curbside Wisdom

August 20, 2014
Making a case for education equality on South Dakota’s reservations.

A Second for the Rattlesnake

August 14, 2014
More support for the serpent as our state animal.

Mayor J.C. Heath wants readers to know that Cottonwood isn t a ghost town yet. Photo by Bernie Hunhoff

Seeing South Dakota’s Promise and Possibilities

August 13, 2014
There are treasures in every corner of our state.

Ten-year-old Chloe Holzwarth displays the Sam Bat for the crowd while auctioneer Lanning Edwards takes bids between games of the state amateur baseball tournament in Mitchell Saturday. Photo by Craig Wenzel/Wessington Springs True Dakotan

Generosity at the Ballpark

August 12, 2014
In Mitchell, we saw two good baseball games and learned a lesson in helping your neighbors.

Fran Hill satiates her craving for bleu cheese by incorporating it into a bacony potato salad, the perfect side for a summer barbecue.

I Want the Bleus

August 7, 2014
Enjoy an aromatic addition to your end-of-summer cookout.

Thoughts From the Streets

August 6, 2014
Signs of South Dakota in the Pacific Northwest

The coyote became South Dakota s state animal in 1949. Some have suggested the bison would be more representative of the state. Paul Higbee wonders if rattlesnakes should be considered. Photo by Christian Begeman

A New State Animal?

July 31, 2014
Paul Higbee suggests a slithery replacement for the venerable coyote.

“Much At Loss for an Interpreter…”

July 29, 2014
Pierre Dorion bridged the language barrier between Lewis and Clark and the Yankton tribe. So why didn’t they keep him?

Peanuts, lime and ginger add Asian flare to this cool summer salad.

Cool as a Cucumber

July 25, 2014
Refreshing cucumber salad helps beat the heat on a steamy South Dakota summer day.

More Independent Grief

July 23, 2014
South Dakota's Secretary of State rejects gubernatorial candidate Mike Myers' running mate replacement.

A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream

July 22, 2014
Can you beat the heat without AC?

Æbleskiver is a traditional Danish pancake served every year at Viborg s Danish Days celebration.

Æbleskiver for All

July 15, 2014
Traditional food highlights Viborg’s Danish Days weekend.

Religious Freedom in the Corporate World

July 14, 2014
Interpreting the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision.

Spinach is a tough plant, but its leaves make a light and simple salad with red onion tossed in a vinaigrette.

Stressing the Spinach

July 10, 2014
Turn hearty leafy greens into a light and simple salad.

Jonesing For Indies

July 9, 2014
Political independents face unique challenges to getting on South Dakota’s ballot.

The inside of a bloodroot flower, taken at Newton Hills State Park.

Dirty Work

July 7, 2014
Wildflowers are beautiful, but photographing them can be challenging.

First Lady of Territory Deserves Better

July 3, 2014
Amanda Pennington’s grave has gone unmarked for 130 years.

Gold miner Norman McCully s loot may be buried somewhere near Sheridan Lake.

The Lost Treasure of Burnt Ranch

July 1, 2014
Is a fortune in gold buried near Sheridan Lake?

Fran Hill s avocado toast topped with radish salad combines foods grown locally with those purchased at the grocery store.

Local or Not

June 26, 2014
Farm fresh is great, but don’t ignore the grocery store.

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