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Except for a cracked arm and leg, Herrick s stone man was perfectly preserved.

Did Herrick Really Have a Stone Man?

November 2, 2011
Was the petrified body pulled from a Gregory County sandpit real, or a fake?

Native American Foster Care in South Dakota: The Questions That Matter

November 2, 2011
A disproportionately large number of Native American children are taken into foster care in South Dakota each year, according to a recent NPR report. 

An abandoned house can conjure up stories of past joys as well as hard times.

Visions of the Past

October 31, 2011
Abandoned farmhouses and barns may be eyesores to some, but for Christian Begeman, they are bittersweet pieces of history.

Sioux Falls psychic Donna O Dea

Sioux Falls Ghost Buster

October 28, 2011
Ghosts are every bit as human as we are, and their stories are rich and varied, according to Sioux Falls psychic Donna O'Dea.

Some say Bear Butte looks like a pregnant woman reclining or a bear lying on its side. It was formed by volcanic-like forces beneath the earth s surface. Photos by Rebecca and Jeremy Johnson.

Sacred Bear Butte

October 28, 2011
The Summit Trail at Bear Butte hooks hikers with its spiritual significance as well as its amazing scenery and view. 

Gregory County's Healing Waters

October 26, 2011
Do the waters of Lake Sully and Whetstone Creek in Gregory County hold magical, healing powers? 

Hunting's Odd Couple

October 25, 2011
Despite what some hunters might tell you, the key to a good South Dakota pheasant hunt is a good South Dakota pheasant hunting dog.

Occupiers Vs. Tea Partiers

October 24, 2011
Although differering in message, average age and fashion choices, both are genuine movements composed of red-blooded Americans.

Yankton Paid a Price

October 21, 2011
Would Yankton be the capital city of South Dakota today if our forefathers would have behaved themselves?

Black and White Magic

October 21, 2011
Our visual reality is in living color. Knowing this, a good photograph needs to have rich, true colors to catch one’s eye to make the image work… or does it?

Beresford’s Big Screen Debut

October 20, 2011
A film shot in rural Union County makes its debut at this weekend’s Reel Dakota Film Festival in Sioux Falls. 

Lazy Preserving: Oven Dried Tomatoes

October 20, 2011
An easy way to save the last tomatoes of the season for winter use.

The Art of the Marching Band

October 20, 2011
Let's give one last cheer of appreciation for marching bands before they march indoors for the season.

Noem Kicking Up Congressional Dust

October 19, 2011
Congresswoman Kristi Noem has made blocking dust regulations a centerpiece of her legislative agenda. Is she kicking up dust over an nonexistent issue?

Getting the Good Stuff

October 18, 2011
Sometimes good photo locations need a little something extra to make them great.

Mni Wiconi and Keystone XL

October 18, 2011
Mni Wiconi means Water of Life in Lakota. Without water, there is no life. 

Lee shares the the High Holiday with his son Jake and other friends and family.

S.D.'s High Holiday

October 17, 2011
Next to Christmas, there really is no other time in South Dakota that screams FAMILY like “the opener”.

Adams House Stories

October 13, 2011
First owners Harris and Anna Franklin were rich and they wanted a house that showed it. The arrival of the railroad in Deadwood made if feasible for them to build the extravagant Queen Anne-style home in 1892. 

Diane Sawyer on the Rez

October 11, 2011
This Friday night, ABC News anchor Diane Sawyer will report on the plight of young people on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

Making the Electoral College More Democratic

October 10, 2011
The way we choose a President is undemocratic, but that might work to the advantage of less populous states like South Dakota.  Ken looks at other options.  

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