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Simplicity is the beauty and challenge of a Lakota youth camp that grew from one woman s vision quest.

One Woman’s Vision

February 26, 2015
Camps on the Rosebud Reservation reconnect children with their Lakota roots.

Reflected clouds at Falls Park.

Upon Further Reflection

February 25, 2015
Water and ice make photos twice as nice.

What Happened in Wilmot

February 24, 2015
A survivor’s account of the 1939 Wilmot school explosion.

Happy and Hearty

February 19, 2015
Beef Stroganoff is bliss on a cold winter day.

Raising Legislator Pay

February 18, 2015
S.D. lawmakers are among the lowest paid in the nation. Sound familiar?

The city of Sioux Falls is home to 165,000 people, while its metro area includes nearly 245,000, making it South Dakota s metropolis.

Metropolis and Me

February 10, 2015
A South Dakotan’s complicated relationship with our biggest city.

Sweet scallops over linguini could win your Valentine s heart.

Love Language

February 5, 2015
This year, try sweet-talking your Valentine with food.

The Case Against SB 166

February 4, 2015
Why it weakens South Dakota’s initiative and referendum process.

An abandoned schoolhouse in north Codington County taken on Jan. 10.

Only the Best

February 3, 2015
How Ansel Adams inspires a South Dakota photographer.

The Mysterious Baker’s Falls

January 28, 2015
Our Jan/Feb cover is causing quite the conversation in Spearfish.

When Czech immigrants arrived in Dakota Territory in 1869, they brought a delicious dessert called the kolache, a small pastry usually filled with fruit, though today s cooks enjoy many filling variations.

What’s Your Favorite?

January 27, 2015
There’s more than one way to fill a kolache.

A New Year s greeting is drawn on the Missouri River beach near Yankton.

A New Year for South Dakota

January 26, 2015
These resolutions would make our state even better.

Curried chicken noodle soup is a warm and comforting treat when you re under the weather.

Calling in Sick

January 22, 2015
Curried chicken noodle soup does a body good.

Primary Problems

January 21, 2015
Will proposed rules make it easier or tougher to get on the ballot?

Ernest Green was one of the Little Rock Nine, a group of students who helped desegregate schools in the Arkansas city in 1958.

Your ‘Little Rock’ Moment

January 19, 2015
Will you pass the test?

Order takers at The Wrangler include Steve and Amanda Blume and their daughter, Reghan.

Dreaming in South Dakota

January 13, 2015
Our magazine’s newest feature lets readers imagine, “What if?”

Rethinking South Dakota

January 7, 2015
How well do we know our home state?

Treachery in the Treasury

December 30, 2014
The real cost of William Walter Taylor’s 1895 default.

Warm Inside and Out

December 24, 2014
Enjoy Christmas with a crackling fire, twinkling lights and a mug of hot buttered rum.

The Build Dakota Scholarship

December 24, 2014
A gift studied in verse.

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