When Czech immigrants arrived in Dakota Territory in 1869, they brought a delicious dessert called the kolache, a small pastry usually filled with fruit, though today s cooks enjoy many filling variations.

What’s Your Favorite?

There’s more than one way to fill a kolache. [read more]

A New Year s greeting is drawn on the Missouri River beach near Yankton.

A New Year for South Dakota

These resolutions would make our state even better. [read more]

Curried chicken noodle soup is a warm and comforting treat when you re under the weather.

Calling in Sick

Curried chicken noodle soup does a body good. [read more]

Primary Problems

Will proposed rules make it easier or tougher to get on the ballot? [read more]

 I was interested to learn the reason behind farm buildings  red color,  says administrative assistant Ruth Steil.  And the contrast between the snow-frosted trees and the barns is beautiful.  Photo by Deb Eisenhauer.

Staff Favorites from Jan/Feb 2015

Here are some of our favorite photos from the latest issue of the magazine. What are yours? [read more]

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