West River Melting Pot

Haakon County was named for a Norwegian, home to a famous Scotsman and could hold Mexican buried treasure. [read more]

A Developing Story

Rand Williams is a matchmaker of old buildings and today’s dreams. [read more]

Brown Rice Garden Salad is the perfect late summer dish, accentuated by recently ripened garden tomatoes.

The Patient Gardener

When it comes to garden tomatoes, waiting is the hardest part. [read more]

Cattle and barbed wire fences are a constant thread along Highway 16, from East River through the Black Hills. However, the wire doesn’t keep this longhorn cow from roaming the quiet and timeworn roadway west of Philip. Photo by Bernie Hunhoff.

South Dakota Road Adventures

You’ll find natural landmarks, historic businesses and a stray cow or two. [read more]

More Old Highway 16

Our July/August ’15 issue includes a lengthy feature on Highway 16. Here are some photographs of the route that didn’t make the magazine. [read more]

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