Newspapers & Tornadoes

The value of old-fashion wood pulp in an ever-changing world. [read more]

Photo of the Week

Photographer Candy Erk Manthey captured these West River yuccas. [read more]

The coyote became South Dakota s state animal in 1949. Some have suggested the bison would be more representative of the state. Paul Higbee wonders if rattlesnakes should be considered. Photo by Christian Begeman

A New State Animal?

Paul Higbee suggests a slithery replacement for the venerable coyote. [read more]

A wild rose after the rain.

Summer Wildflowers

Les Heiserman, Spearfish, shared these photos of South Dakota wildflowers. [read more]

“Much At Loss for an Interpreter…”

Pierre Dorion bridged the language barrier between Lewis and Clark and the Yankton tribe. So why didn’t they keep him? [read more]

Windrows in Minnehaha County will become bales by sundown. Photo by Marianne Larsen.

Making Hay

The work is hot and sweaty, dirty and dusty. But farmers and ranchers know it’s the best way to turn grass into food. [read more]

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