The construction of Fort Randall Dam created Lake Francis Case, which extends more than 105 miles upstream. The community of Pickstown sprung up near the dam and was named in honor of Gen. Lewis A. Pick.

Taming a Wild River

Two quarreling engineers created a plan to calm and control the Mighty Missouri. [read more]

Frontier Phantoms

Ghosts of LeBeau show when the river is low. [read more]

Hell Canyon’s Flower Power

Colorful life re-emerges in the aftermath of the Jasper Fire. [read more]

Cultivating a Listening Culture

Mike Linderman’s musical footprint is evident in the Southern Hills. [read more]

Susan Schroeder and Barb Perk turn drying noodles in Tabor s Legion Hall.

Noodles the Czech Way

Learning a Tabor tradition. [read more]

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